30 Ways to Promote Your Business

Get out and market your business to the world with these 30 great ideas
  1. Email all your contacts, let them know what you do and ask them to spread the word.
  2. Use Craigslist classifieds ads.
  3. Submit your website to niche web directories. Search Google for “[keyword] directory” (e.g. “interior design directory”).
  4. Submit your site to local search engines.
  5. Host a seminar, webinar or a call.
  6. Create joint venture partnerships with key players in your industry.
  7. Advertise in niche magazines.
  8. Use Facebook.
  9. Go to leads groups and networking events.
  10. Get media coverage by organizing a charity event.
  11. Ask your customers for referrals.
  12. Engage in video marketing.
  13. Do article marketing and write a blog.
  14. Put links to your website in your email signature.
  15. Use forums and groups.
  16. Do direct mail.
  17. Take advantage of affiliate marketing and cost-per-action (CPA) marketing.
  18. Use online targeted-advertising.
  19. Make podcasts.
  20. Send SMSs (text messages) to your customers and prospects.
  21. Use discount coupons and gift cards.
  22. Join your local area chamber of commerce.
  23. Build your own online community.
  24. Use Twitter.
  25. Become a guest blogger.
  26. Build a website that makes you money.
  27. Use pay-per-click marketing.
  28. Take your website to the top of Google with Search Engine Optimization.
  29. Use LinkedIn.
  30. Use email marketing.


By Zeke Camusio

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