11 Ways to create great blog content

We all have ‘off’ days times when the creative juices aren’t flowing, here are 10 ways to consistently create great blog content.

Post by Chris Street

I’ve long been an advocate of the power of blogging, but when you’re posting three times a week – or even trying to muster up something original once a week – it can be hard to consistently create compelling content for your blog posts.

bloggingWe all have ‘off’ days, times when the creative juices aren’t flowing. Sometimes finding different, interesting and useful content to share on a blog proves tricky. With that in mind, here are 10 ways to consistently create great blog content:

1. Re-visit your blogging legacy

Have a look through your previous posts – are there any blogs you can add a second part to, an update, additional content?

2. Read through the last 24 hours Home feed on your Twitter account

Reviewing the last day on your Twitter Home feed usually delivers a few good blog ideas or content themes to explore.

3. What are you doing at the moment – share the love

Discuss things you’re working on at the moment: projects, new client work, challenges, success, lessons learnt. Add value.

4. Check the blogosphere

Look at what bloggers are posting and expand their debates – this is a great way to further link into the blog community, too.

5. Become a source of exclusive information

Are you a thought-leader in your commercial space? No? Become one. Add exclusive content in your area of expertise.

6. Ask for help

Speak to your clients, colleagues and trusted network associates what interest them. Ask for their help in creating content.

7. Do market research

Get online and see what your competitors are talking about. Then write something better on the same subject. Add insight.

8. Get passionate

If you have strong beliefs or proven methods around a commercial subject, share it. Share your passion. Readers love this.

9. Remain teachable

Ask your readers what they want to see. Start a survey, ask your audience what they value. Create statistical value.

10. Start with the end in mind

Remember why you’re blogging – think back to your earliest blog posts and recall what sparked you to start blogging. Share it.

11. Think giving, not selling

A sign that a blogger is usually finding it hard to create great blog content is when they start selling on posts, rather giving. Remember to give, give, give.

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