PSD to Email a.k.a.

Email Template Coding

We convert your designs into high-class responsive email templates and integrate them right into the software you use.

Why PSD to Email by Sitemaster?

We Test on 40 Different Email Clients

We go through a detailed testing on different email clients, operating systems and devices. We test your email templates across 40 email clients and mobile devices.

1 Day Turnaround

We know you need high quality email markup and we know you need it fast. We can code your email template even in 1 business day, if you need us to.

Email Software Integration

We integrate email templates with all major email marketing platforms and marketing automation software. We also research and test new email platforms.

Cool Touches and Interactions

We know all the tricks that bring life to your designs. Prepare for dynamic, interactive, responsive email templates.

We Respect Confidentiality (NDA)

We’d never claim any rights on your designs, or share it with 3rd parties. We will willingly sign an NDA prior to the start of the project.

1,000+ Email Templates Coded

With over a thousand projects behind us we’ve become pros at email coding while always keeping up with the latest trends.


PSD to Email Features

Enjoy all the goodies contributing to high-class PSD to Email conversion.

Design Service

Our in-house designers can create 2 unique and consistent design concepts based on your brand image. You can choose either of them or have a hybrid design combining features from both concepts.


We can make your email templates responsive. Just let us know that you need this option and we’ll optimize them for all supported clients/devices.

Retina Display Support

Just provide your retina-ready designs (@2x sized or vectorised) and ask for retina optimisation. We’ll be happy to make your template look sharp and crisp.

Easy to Integrate

Our code is fully commented, handwritten and well structured. We follow the best coding practices which makes it easy to be integrated with any email software like MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, etc.

Mobile Device Compatibility

You don’t need your project to be responsive but you want it to look good on mobile devices? Okay, we’ll optimize your templates for mobile email clients

MailChimp Expert

We can handle your MailChimp integration for you. You will be able to fully edit your template and then use it for multiple campaigns.


We are part of your team and we’ll never leave you on your own. If you have issues or questions – just let us know. We’ll be glad to help you ASAP.

Screenshots from Tested Email Clients

Along with the final delivery files, you’ll also receive screenshots across all 40 email clients and mobile devices that we test on. The screenshots will be provided as a link to our Litmus tests.

Great Pricing for Bulk Orders

We provide custom prices for bulk orders. Just get in touch with details about the volume and specifications of your projects and we’ll get back to you with a custom offer.

PSD to Email Step by Step

Transparency is everything – let’s clear up every step of the process. This is how our PSD to HTML service works.

1. Place Your Order

The first step would be to submit your order for PSD to Email conversion. Here is the time to mention everything essential and attach all relevant files. The design format is up to you. We accept all common design formats.

PSD to Email Detailed Pricing

Since every project is different in complexity and volume, the pricing may vary. Here is how we charge for straightforward PSD to Email conversions:

Standard Delivery Express Delivery
Desktop Tablet Mobile Desktop Tablet Mobile
First Page: $195 +$75 +$125 $292 +$112 +$188
Inner Page: $95 +$50 +$75 $142 +$75 +$112
Integration: +$230                   +$300

This pricing always works for straightforward projects only.

All prices are in USD

* Super Expedited Orders

Depending on our availability we can expedite your order delivery and meet the craziest deadlines. For super rush orders we usually charge up to 80% of the price additionally.

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