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Adobe XD to WordPress

We convert any Adobe XD design into pixel perfect, WordPress pages or templates

Our Adobe XD to WordPress Conversion Service

Get a responsive, pixel perfect website based on your Adobe XD design

Here are just some of the benefits you get by choosing us as your partner.

Technically Skilled Project Manager

All our managers have coding experience, so they understand the specifications of any Adobe XD to WordPress conversion

Smooth Workflow

We know the ins and outs of Adobe XD to WordPress conversions. As a result, we’ve developed efficient and smooth workflows


Reliability is of utmost importance to us. If any bugs emerge in the future, just get in touch to get them fixed.

Smooth Workflow

We know the ins and outs of Adobe XD to WordPress conversions. As a result, we’ve developed efficient and smooth workflows

Responsive Website

Our Adobe XD to WordPress conversion is fully responsive from small phone screens and tablets to bigger screens of laptops & monitors.

Compatible Plugins

Functionality and page speed should not be compromised with poor or non compatible plugins, we ensure performance with the right plugins

Specific Front-End Requirements

Our pixel perfect Adobe XD to WordPress conversions are enhanced with extras such as parallax, custom animations, etc. just say the word.

Adobe XD to WordPress Features

High Quality matters. Here are some extras you get with our Adobe XD to WordPress conversion.

Coding Standards

We built to coding standards for modern browsers which guarantee the same naming convention for high quality Adobe XD to WordPress structure every time.

Easy to Integrate With WordPress

Using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) or a design platform you then you need solid processes and fast loading pages and thats what we provide

Retina Displays Optimisation

Just provide your retina-ready designs (@2x sized or vectorised) and we will optimise them. We’ll just do it for free.

Browser Compatibility

We test our projects on real browsers and devices so our HTML templates look great on all modern web browsers and devices. We rarely use simulators.

Mobile Device Compatibility

You don’t need your project to be responsive but you want it to look good on mobile devices? We’ll optimize your site for mobile devices.

Video and Audio

Want to use a video as a background for your intro page. Attach an audio effect to a single click or even build complex custom players.


Using CSS preprocessors is a part of our coding standards. We use them for all our projects. Just let us know which one is your favourite and we’ll use it.

Web Accessibility (WCAG 2.0)

Need your content to be accessible to people with disabilities – just say the word. We’ll cover all WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 requirements and checklists.

Any CSS Framework

Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Neat Bourbon, Skeleton, etc. Just let us know which framework you need and we’ll use it.

Even More Features

We constantly strive to go beyond your expectations. Here is what more we can do for your Adobe XD to WordPress project.

Custom Animations

From simple transition on hover to super complex parallax and movie-like animations, we can handle all your requests.

Custom Form Elements

Custom form elements are crucial for beautiful and functional forms. We use the best practices for all custom elements like: select boxes, radio and check buttons.

Final Touches

We love to give more than requested. This is why, you just might see in your project that cool effect you recently saw in one of the CSS galleries

Adobe XD to WordPress Step by Step

Transparency is everything – let’s clear up every step of the process. This is how our Adobe XD to WordPress service works.

1. Submitting Your Order

Step one is you submitting your order, including your project requirements along with the corresponding design files.

We accept all common formats such as PSD, Ai, Adobe XD, Sketch, PNG, JPG, PDF – whatever your preferences are.

Adobe XD to WordPress Detailed Pricing

Since every project is different in complexity and volume, the pricing may vary. Here is how we charge for straightforward Adobe XD to WordPress conversions:

Standard Delivery Express Delivery
Desktop Tablet Mobile Desktop Tablet Mobile
First Page: $195 +$75 +$125 $292 +$112 +$188
Inner Page: $95 +$50 +$75 $142 +$75 +$112
Integration: +$230                   +$300

This pricing always works for straightforward projects only.

All prices are in USD

* Super Expedited Orders

Depending on our availability we can expedite your order delivery and meet the craziest deadlines. For super rush orders we usually charge up to 80% of the price additionally.

Wondering What You Will Get?

We have prepared a sample archive for you. Feel free to download it and have a sneak peek.

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