Living in the cloud with Google Apps

The era of the Netbook has, for the first time since Moore’s Law kicked in, turned back the clock on the relentless increase in power of computers.

Where in the past, travellers carried their valuable laptop around like a piece of fragile jewellery, now they can purchase a low cost netbook that can be almost regarded as disposable and certainly not a major concern poolside or in a low security hotel room.

Netbooks have small screens and keyboards, but it’s the small storage that makes them the perfect companion to cloud computing services.

Most people visit Google’s incredible search engine as their one stop shop for all the world’s knowledge but few realise that the suite includes all the services needed to run an organisation where collaboration in a group is required.

Document management, Wiki sites, contacts, group email, shared calendars – and all of this accessible with legendary search capabilities making Google Apps a powerful platform.

When on the road with just a small netbook, a single sign-on gives you a window in to business back home with little or no local storage overhead.

The age of the low cost Netbook is just dawning, but the future is also bright for web enabled tablets of all sizes. Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud is a way to cut costs, increase capability and be competitive in a tough global economy.


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