Is Your Content Stuffed? Search Engine Optimisation: More Than Just Keywords

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Before you pack your page with a few top keywords, be warned. Google and other search engines are serious about SEO portion control.

Google and other top search engines have raised the bar when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Gone are the days of peppering your content with 2 or 3 carefully chosen zing words. They won’t propel you to the top of search results. Meta tags strung together without meaning won’t help you increase traffic to your site. In fact, using these tactics could very well hurt your ranking.

Keyword stuffing (or spamming), is the practice of using top keywords repetitively on a site to rank higher in search results. Aside from reading poorly, it’s bush league and it doesn’t work. Not anymore, at least.

The really smart people creating the algorithms that decide your site’s fate want more. They are no longer satisfied with relevance. They actually want the user to get the best experience with the first click.

They want content. Quality content.

Quality. The New Keyword

What’s the point of driving scores of searchers to your page if you’ve got nothing to offer them? Sure, sure… you’re trying to sell them something. Just like everyone else. Buyers, readers, and potential clients are smart enough to know when they’re viewing a subpar product. Maybe you’ll convert a few, there’s one born every second, right?

Look, you’re not foolish. You’re probably already investing in keyword research. Why wouldn’t you? It’s still highly important when done correctly. But it’s no longer enough. You must combine your thoroughly, yet subtly, optimised content with quality information if you hope to climb to the top of organic search results.

[bctt tweet=”In a nutshell, you need better content… and you need it more often” quote=”In a nutshell, you need better content… and you need it more often”]

Do not waste your time building a great site. Don’t spend countless hours farming social media for traffic, and filling pages with whatever you can get your hands on. If you don’t have well thought out, engaging, and properly written copy, that satisfies a searcher’s needs, you’re out of luck.

You are going to miss out on major league clicks. You are not going to make up for it by farming. According to this digital marketing agency founder, as much as 53% of search traffic goes to the top link on the list. And 91.5% to the first page. It’s crumbs for everyone else.

No one wants to read clunky, over-written rubbish. Let’s be honest. It’s everywhere. Take the time to focus on what does the talking about your site – the words that are on it. Those words might as well be you.

So, just go all Shakespeare and they will come? Not quite. Remember, that’s just half of the equation. There’s high-quality content and then there’s high-quality SEO content.

Quality SEO.

Ok, so we can’t throw words together and wait for the stampede. That’s not going to work.

Can you write? Do you have the time? If you do, jump in! It can be a lot of fun if you enjoy research and grammar. Make sure your site has the most accurate and well-written information possible. Use sites like Grammarly and Hemingway to help you out with punctuation and sentence structure.

But be careful! You’re looking for the good stuff. Avoid keyword spammers like the plague. If you start to see words like submission form and meta tags, keep walking. There’s still use for meta descriptions, but not packed full of jumble.

Find SEO content providers that take pride in what they’re writing. Make sure that you’re receiving high-quality pieces. Your readers might not remember the byline, but they’ll probably remember your site. Be picky!

Look for an SEO content provider or search marketing company that is using terms like inner URL, backlinks, and long tail keywords. Forget about keyword density. There are lots of keywords and synonyms for keywords. The best posts are dripping with keywords… you just don’t notice it. Once you find a provider that is skilled in current SEO, then look at their content. It needs to be just as good if not better than their optimizing.

If you want to improve your search engine ranking but you’re still using obsolete methods, then you’re going to be spinning your tires. Permanently. Clean it up!

If you’ve got some SEO or content wisdom for us, please share it in the comments. See you there.

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