How to Master SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting is a different genre of copywriting. It pertains to the web and is written primarily for search engine optimisation. Though SEO Copywriting does not necessarily require creativity or brain storming, it needs to be original and relevant to the subject.

Most newbies think SEO copywriting just requires altering a few words with their synonyms and fitting keywords wherever possible in the text, even if the context becomes irrelevant to a reader. However, most SEO executives are unaware of the fact that popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN spam content that are overstuffed with keywords in order to achieve higher rand on search engines.

Professionals around the world try to bring their websites/blogs to the highest ranks on various search engines but all efforts are wasted when simple points are not kept in consideration, such as:

Spelling errors- In spite of the presence of tools like MS Word, one can find innumerable websites with spelling errors. Grammatical errors also deter readers from reading further, as it creates a bad impression on their mind.

Uninteresting articles/content – At times, article or write-ups can get monotonous due to redundancy and the lack of writer’s creativity to capture the reader’s attention. One should always find new ways of making their written matter interesting by incorporating information from other sources (mentioning the source URL or name), graphs, etc.

Plugs- Forcing readers to purchase or imposing sales offers can make your readers go away from your article/website to another. One needs to be subtly convincing in their approach.

SEO Copywriting is separate from the usual copywriting for print. However, creating SEO content is comparatively less difficult but is complicated, as it determines the rank of your website on search engines.

Several companies have their own in-house SEO Copywriting department comprising of professionals. However, many approach freelance writers or companies specializing in SEO copywriting and offering services at competitive rates


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