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I get a few emails from people who want to know if I accept guest posts on Sitemaster and I do but I have a few Guest Post Guidelines. I figured that it would be easier to write the guidelines in a post and just refer everyone here.

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post to Sitemaster, please read on and find out what we are looking for and how the process works.

What kind of content do we accept?

Anything that is useful for our readers is good content for a guest post here. It must fit into one of the following categories;

  1. Website
  2. Strategy
  3. Marketing
  4. Social Media
  5. SEO

There is no minimum length for your post, but usually, the guest posts have over 400 words +.

Also, we don’t like rehashing the same concepts and ideas over and over again. We’re looking for new ideas, strategies and techniques our readers can use today.

If you have posted the content on another blog or your own, we don’t want it.

Our favourite type of content

You’ll move to the top of our list if you can authoritatively write on the following topics:

  1. Integrated marketing
  2. Content strategy and SEO
  3. Social media and engagement
  4. WordPress tips, tricks, hacks or tools
  5. Best practices in web design and development
  6. Conversion Rate Optimisation & A/B Testing
  7. Customer Acquisition
  8. Customer Retention (Churn, LTV, etc)
  9. General Analytics (why it’s important for marketers, introduction to analytics, other analytics tools, etc)
  10. Google Analytics
  11. Marketing Stack Integration (Salesforce, any CRM, email, lead automation, etc)
  12. Measuring Ads & Campaign Performance (ROI & Attribution)
  13. Customer Engagement (using analytics for customer engagement, boosting engagement by measuring user behaviour, improving engagement through email and notifications, etc).
  14. Website hosting

We stay away from elementary marketing topics. This includes:

  1. How to build and grow a Twitter presence
  2. Building engagement on social
  3. The basics of email marketing
  4. Creating a high-converting landing page

Important – We no longer cover general SEO topics (gaining backlinks, SEO audits, how to get on the front page of Google, etc).

Any big guides on things that have been discussed 50,000+ times on the web won’t get our attention. Our audience needs valuable, actionable data that they can use right away.

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  1. Authors must have a track record of writing great content
    We usually look for authors who write content that is at least 400 words, if not 1500. You may not have a track record but still be a great writer.
  2. The content must be detailed and unique
    We would never accept content that isn’t detailed or unique. What we mean by detailed is that the content needs to be at least 400 words with no fluff. By unique we mean posts that have NOT been published already or submitted elsewhere online (not even on your personal blog). We also won’t accept a blog post on a topic that has been beaten to death.
  3. You can’t advertise your product, business or service within your guest post.
    This means do not mention your company, or link to it, or link to your company’s blog within the guest post. The point of guest posting is to show that you are a thought leader. Your only goal should be to educate our readers on a topic that helps them out.
  4. You may not link to any of your online properties within the main body of your guest post.
    Our readers WILL pick this up as a subliminal advertisement and simply not like your post. They won’t share it.
  5. Do not include screenshots that brand your own product or online properties.
    This is to avoid any sense of promotion.
  6. A bio should only contain 1 or 2 links
    – either to the author’s website, Twitter handle, or his/her blog.
  7. A blog post should contain a minimum of 4 links
    – We don’t have a maximum number of links that should be in a post, but we do have a minimum that are linked out to authority sites.
  8. We fully own the content
    We own the rights to the content, therefore contributors are not allowed to spin the submitted blog post to other sites. We are also free to make changes as we see it fit.
    We usually don’t do anything with content that is guest posted on our website. We just like to own the rights as it decreases the likelihood that the contributor will spin it.
  9. Authors need to help build and support our community
    Guest authors need to contribute not just through blog content, but also through replies to comments. Any time someone comments on a post you write, you need to respond to the comment. It doesn’t matter if you write just a simple reply as long as you acknowledge that someone has commented and respond to it.

Include The Following in Your Email Message:

    1. Briefly tell us who you are.
    2. The title of your guest post.
    3. An outline of your guest post.
    4. Links to at least two other Sitemaster blogs that will be included in your guest post.
    5. Describe how our readers will benefit from your post.
    6. A few links to your best posts.
    7. An author bio.
    8. Links to your social media accounts and website.


  1. Send images as an attachment (or links) and show in the post where they should be.
  2. Proofread your post carefully before hitting send.
  3. If approved you need to provide us with your head-shot for your new contributor account.
  4. Be prepared to respond to reader comments.
  5. Your article keywords and keyword summery

How do I submit my guest post?

If you have a post that meets the guidelines above, go to and create an account, build the post including images and submit it. Usually, within 48 hours, we will reply stating if we will accept the guest post or not.

If we reject your post, you are obviously free to use it on your own blog or to propose it as a guest post to some other website.

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