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9 Essential Software Apps

I wanted to tell you about 9 Essential Software Apps and online resources I have used in the past, everything I am going to talk about is free.

9 Essential Software Apps

1. Anti-virus

I use Avast but AVG is just as good, both are great and so is the price for home use- free. Go to Avast or AVG

2. Advanced System Care turn out the best little free app for cleaning your computer called Advanced System Care. They also have a free defrag program and other apps but I have not tried them out yet.

3. Ultimate defrag

I can not say enough about this app, it is great for keeping your computer running at it’s best. I guess there are several out there that do the same thing.

4. FTP

I use filezilla, it’s easy to use, auto updates and is open source so I costs nothing.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox let’s me store 2 Gig online for free and I can sync the contents between my computers

6. Mozy

Mozy is a backup app that let’s me store up to 2 gig online for free. It has saved my bacon recently after I had a hard drive collapse and lost everything. Just click on the Mozy advert on the right of this article to find out more.

7. Google

Well I do love Google, there is Gmail, calendar, docs, reader, Picasa and heaps more. The few things they do not do are a CRM and project management.

Google will also handle your business email for free go to and find the standard (free) account. It comes with Gmail and all the google stuff and you can rebrand it with your own logo.

8. Zoho like Google these guys do it all but my faves here are the CRM and the billing apps.

9. Manymoons

Project management software online (got to love the cloud) I like Manymoons and if you have a Google apps account it is even better. Zoho also have a project management app.

There are more great apps out in the wild and if you can tell me about them I would love to know.

Everything I have mentioned here is free but with some of the applications, there are paid versions of the same apps.

Sorry for not adding all the URL’s but I am sitting on a train composing this on my phone and doing this from memory. Just Google the name of the app and you should find it.

If you know any free online apps like the ones mentioned, please let me know. Thanks

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