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google page rankI have talked about How To SEO Your Website in a previous post here on Sitemaster and this is a great way to tune up your website to provide precise information to the search engines about not only your website but each page of your website but another area that is just as important if not more is ‘Off Page SEO’.

Off page SEO is basically building links that point back to your website. Google loves to see links that point to your site from other websites and the higher the page rank of the recommending website the better.

Get Social

Facebook is the first step you should take, if you need a hand, read Branding With Facebook.

Link Exchange

Email website owners that have similar fields of interest asking for a link exchange. This is time consuming and you may, if you are lucky, get a reply for one in twenty. The idea is to get a good value link exchange by targeting sites with a high page rank, the higher the better.

Paid Links

Buying links is a quick and relatively cheap process and one I highly recommend. I use Directory Submission ServiceDirectory Submission Services to build my in bound links.


You could write articles and submit them to an array of sites that deal with the subject of your website.

Guest Blogging

Write a blog article for other bloggers, this not only gets amino back to your website but you may also be able to pull a few readers to your website and build up your reader base.

All that done and said I have one warning, do not build your back links to fast, by that I mean that if Google sees that you have gone from 0 – 10,000 back links in nothing flat you could be penalised. So do it gradually over 6 months or so for the best results.

Have you got a link building idea I have missed in this article? Drop it into the comments area below or email me about it.
Hey, why not write an article and post it on Sitemaster, it has a good page rank (PR4 at the time of this post)

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