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i love bloggingAre you new to blogging and looking for the secret about how people pump out all that information consistently and make money from doing it?

Where does the passion come from and the ‘being consistent’ thing, wow, that’s the bit that blows me away.

Well your not alone in wondering about it all and I can at least point out a few tips that may help.

1. Revenue

This is the number one most important part so read what little wisdom I have, and here it is – No one and I mean ‘NO ONE’ makes money from blogging. That’s it, I did say a ‘little wisdom’

What they do make money from is selling a product or service. The product or service may be advertising or someone else’s product (usually by selling advertising) or even their own product or service but please, do not go into blogging thinking that you will make money by writing for a subject you are passionate about without considering a revenue stream.

2. Passion

If you have a passion about the subject that you want to write about, you are way ahead of the pack because it’s very hard to fake passion.

3. Consistency

Write about the subject that your blog is targeting, so if your blog is about snow dogs and you start blogging about surfing in Bali you have lost your audience unless they are snow dog surfers (hey, you never know!)

4. Frequency

This is good topic and one I personally am just coming to terms with. I have read blogs by the big name bloggers and they all say to try to at least post a new article 3 times a week. This is good advice if you want to build and audience,

I am attempting to produce 5 articles a week, ie. Monday to Friday and to post in the morning, my time and it is proving to be difficult. It’s not an easy task for me to achieve so I am trying to develop a method or strategy for achieving my goal.

5. Goals

Firstly I mainly write when I am traveling on the train or bus by whipping out the iPhone and firing up WordPress
I composing articles locally on the iPhone. I outline several subjects and work on them a bit at a time or go crazy and do one in one session, that is the strategy, it’s not great but I at least have a plan.

This article was done over a 5 days, a bit here and a bit there. When I have finished an article I send it to ‘draft’ on the server where I pretty it up with H2,H3 and other layout features and then add an image.

I hope this helps you and my final tip is ‘nike’ – just do it

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