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Boost Your Page Load Time

Everybody has less and less time today for surfing, chatting, spending time on social media or whatever they like to do on the internet. Slow loading speeds disappeared a long time ago and we don’t want to see blogs and web pages taking too much out of our already limited time. You can find many […]

1000+ Free Textures

Everything around us has a texture – the smooth keys of a keyboard, the soft cotton of a t-shirt, the bumpy surface of leather on an office chair. In design, it’s important to include texture in a work to make it look more realistic. For painters or even print design, this can be done in […]

6 CSS3 Generators

Here is a list of websites you can use to generate your CSS when using the new CSS3 features. If you forget to additional browser specific CSS then remember to use one of these CSS Generators to create your CSS. 6 Of Best CSS3 Generators | Web Development Tutorials Google+: View post on Google+ Post […]

Project management 101

The Sith Lord Darth Vader, of Star Wars fame, often gets a bad rap, particularly in what we all think of as his ‘dark years.’ From a certain perspective his mass murder, brutal oppression, and frequent deception to serve his own ends makes him seem like a pretty bad guy. But if you look past […]

Battlefield 3 simulator

This is a world first. A unique FPS simulator that turns gaming into reality as you move, aim, fire and get shot within a 360-degree immersive environment.

Using a pre-release copy of Battlefield 3 and a team of top technology experts from across Europe we’ve built a truly one of a kind simulator.

How to Get a US Phone Number

I have not tried the tutorial out yet but reading the comments this appears to work (thank you Amit). So if you need a local phone number in the USA, check this article out. Embedded Link How to Get a US Phone Number – Digital Inspiration This tutorial describes how you may easily get your […]

See the Magic Of Google Plus

Here is a great bit of advise for any and all Google Plus users. Reshared post from +Amanda Blain *Want To See the Magic Of Google Plus*? Follow these simple 3 Steps… anyone who actually does this can not EVER say Google plus is dead… or “I don’t get it”.. I dare ya. 1) Circle […]

New generation mouse

I only have a laptop and it looks to be just the same as using the track pad. If I had a desktop I would like to try this out. Reshared post from +Gabriel Vasile A REALLY COOL NEW GENERATION OF MOUSE With the evoMouse, your finger is your pointer and there is no more […]