The Effectiveness of Integrated Marketing Communications

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In our current economic situation, we are defined by the fierce competitive forces that drive consumer behavior. Businesses are winning customer satisfaction through a variety of means, especially with the rise of the technological boom. Marketers have implemented new ways to communicate with their audiences and push their way towards success. These efforts have become […]

Increasing Visibility: 5 Empowering Ways to Market Your Business Logo

Increasing Visibility: 5 Empowering Ways to Market Your Business Logo

Branding these days is one of the most important thing for starting up a business. When you think you’ve finally nailed down all the points to branding, look again – there’s still something very essential left. That’s right, your brand’s logo. Undeniably, logo designs are the most necessary forms of identification that your business can […]

10 Mistakes in SEO Web Design

10 Mistakes In SEO Web Design

When designing a website, it is important that SEO also takes priority. After all, how can your target market find your website if they cannot see it on the search engine page results? However, the following 10 mistakes below in web design may actually be hurting your SEO efforts: Mistake #1 – Slow page load […]

4 Ways To Make Money Online

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Today there are a lot of ways to make money on the internet. But, it is just needed to choose one that is the most comfortable and appealing particularly to you

How to Start an Online Business With Minimal Investment

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It has never been easier to start your own business than right now: The rise of the online side hustle has allowed countless entrepreneurs the opportunity to make their dreams reality. Yet, perhaps your dream is looking like it will cost more than you can afford right now – and you can’t think of a […]

Building Your Blogging Brand


Currently, there are approximately over 50 Million blogs worldwide. Successful professional blogging is no longer for the average Joe

Why You Should Translate Your Business Website

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What many successful global businesses share is their willingness to communicate in more than one language with their customers. One way to improve your revenue is communicating your product information in as many languages as you think your customers might prefer to use. Your website is your business’s face. It’s through your website that potential […]

Why Is Mobile App Localization Necessary For So Many Businesses These Days?

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Mobile apps are one of those great inventions that can be used globally because they can be translated into other languages without too much difficulty. Even in some of the most remote parts of the world like the Himalayas there are cell phone towers to aid communication. Of course, what goes with that is an […]

How to Use Design Thinking to Solve Problems?

How to Use Design Thinking to Solve Problems

Firstly, the idea of design thinking was coined by Herbert Simon in 1969. Later, it was developed by scientists at Stanford University. In simple words, Design thinking is a way to solve problems as per the interests of users. The formula “benefits for people + possibilities of technologies + consideration of business interests” helps developers […]