5 Instagram tactics your business should use to really boost sales

Instagram tactics
Instagram tactics matter, whether it’s a casual lunch, a business meeting or a beach vacation, Instagram has become an integral part of our day to day lives. Here are 5 Instagram tactics your business should use to really boost sales

5 Instagram tactics to really boost your sales

  1. Optimise your Instagram Business Profile
  2. Use Ads to Reach your Potential Customers
  3. Offer Exclusive Promotions
  4. Partner with Instagram Influencers
  5. Use Hashtags

Instagram tactics matter, from posting pictures to getting reviews of popular brands, products and services, Instagram is the one-stop solution for all our social-media needs. Starting as a photo-sharing app, Instagram has grown immensely to engage different consumers, brands, advertisers and influencers.

Amidst various big brands successfully using Instagram tactics for attracting its audience and increasing its sales, it becomes difficult for small businesses to mark their presence and efficiently use this social-media tool for business.

To simplify your ordeal, we have compiled a list of top Instagram tactics which will help you to boost your sales through Instagram.

1. Optimise your Instagram Business Profile

As per a study conducted by Facebook, 2019, 83% of Instagram users agree for discovering new products and services on Instagram. With consumers using Instagram as a channel for inspiration, businesses can now bridge the gap between their potential customers by simply making their presence on Instagram.

As your business profile showcases your brand and products, take plenty of time and effort to curate a well-organised and attractive Instagram feed.

Start by using a brand logo as your profile photo, curating a clear and well-descriptive bio and by adding a URL to link your online shop or website to your Instagram account.

2. Use Ads to Reach your Potential Customers

With 80% of Instagram users making a purchase decision after viewing a product or service on Instagram, it is essential for brands to promote their content to the right audience.

This can be done with the help of Instagram ads.

While making marketing strategies, businesses can decide the amount of money they wish to spend on advertisements. As Instagram offers numerous Ads options, you can decide the placement of your ads, its duration and the audience best suited for your business needs.

Additionally, you can use the call to action buttons to encourage your audience to make a purchase or register to your service.

3. Offer Exclusive Promotions

With an increasing number of people ditching the traditional window-shopping for online shopping, a good online sale or a promotion can catch the eye of even unintentional buyers.

So whether you are launching a new product or intend to run a seasonal sale, Instagram tactics can help you in boosting your sales. You can run these promotions either by offering exclusive discount codes to your Instagram followers or by adding your promotional details in Instagram Stories or in a caption.

Businesses can even encourage users to click the link in their bio to benefit from the on-going promotions.

4. Partner with Instagram Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the fast progressing forms of digital marketing. It gives brands and audience a unique opportunity to get engaged with each other.

As consumers are shifting their focus from traditional advertising to personal recommendations by common people, a number of Instagram business accounts include influencer marketing in their social media strategies.

While initially partnering-up with an influencer might seem to be risky, depending on your budget you can decide to work either with full-fledged lifestyle bloggers or micro-influencer.

No matter with whom you partner, just make sure that the partnership feels natural and does not appear like a typical advertisement.

5. Use Hashtags

Hashtags play a great role for businesses in reaching a larger audience. These hashtags are placed along with the caption in Instagram posts and put your brand in front of millions of potential customers.

As Instagram users can explore and follow different posts just based on hashtags, carefully choose your hashtags depending on your targeted audience.

Also, keep yourself from using too many hashtags and just use the popular hashtags in your niche. Remember, Instagram tactics work.

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