10 Mistakes in SEO Web Design

10 Mistakes In SEO Web Design

When designing a website, it is important that SEO also takes priority. After all, how can your target market find your website if they cannot see it on the search engine page results? However, the following 10 mistakes below in web design may actually be hurting your SEO efforts:

Mistake #1 – Slow page load speed

No user likes a website that loads too slow. Most users will leave the website if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load. A slow loading page will affect your website’s page ranking in any search engine because it gives a negative user experience.

There are a number of reasons why a website may take time to load. These include poor website hosting, unnecessary codes, large files, and uncompressed images, among others.

Mistake #2 – Not optimizing media files

Putting media files on a website is a great way to attract attention from potential customers. After all, most users prefer videos and other media when getting information rather than from plain text.

However, not optimizing the media files you put on there can be hurting your website’s SEO. At the same time, non-optimized files can slow the page down, thereby going back to Mistake #1. Compressing the files can help correct this mistake. Make sure that the files retain good quality even after you compress them.

Mistake #3 – Incompatibility with mobile

Nowadays, mobile devices are the go-to gadgets for many individuals when accessing the Internet. This is due to their handy, compact, and convenient build. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you might be missing out on the chance to generate leads and convert them to sales. Test how mobile-friendly your current website is and make the necessary adjustments.

Mistake #4 – Lots of pop-ups

Most, if not all, online visitors hate pop-ups. Pop-ups are annoying for many people. The first thing online visitors do when encountering pop-ups is to close them. Imagine how the visitors of your website will feel when lots of intrusive pop-ups are on their screens. Instead of closing out each pop-up one by one, they will most likely be closing the entire website. This will increase your website’s bounce rate and negatively affect your SEO ranking.

Mistake #5 – Lots of error pages

An error page can be a great opportunity to show your brand’s personal side by customizing the error message that your users will see. However, if your visitors are taken to a lot of error pages in one visit, this affects the credibility of your website. Error pages that do not have links to return to the homepage can be classified by search engines as broken links, thereby lowering your page ranking.

Mistake #6 – Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is considered as a black-hat SEO technique. This is a practice where the same keywords appear in an article several times and the article loses its content. Some individuals may even hide the keywords by making them the same color as the background. Remember, black-hat techniques are a no-no. Your SEO ranking will suffer.

Mistake #7 – Embedded texts into images

Texts are the only things that search engines look into and can evaluate. They cannot read images and such images, on their own, do not contribute to your SEO ranking. This is why embedding texts, most especially your keywords, into images is a mistake and a waste of opportunity. Take note that search engines such as Google prioritize on-page elements.

Mistake #8 – Low-quality content

Content is definitely king. Search engines reward websites that produce high-quality content with high rankings on their results pages. When you are putting out low-quality content on your website, you are only hurting your SEO page ranking. Low-quality content encompasses outdated topics, grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and more.

Mistake #9 – Infinite scroll

An infinite scroll type of website provides convenience to the users in the sense that they do not have to click on any link just to get to the next page. All they have to do is scroll down to get further information. However, in terms of SEO rankings, an infinite scroll may do harm than good. When your website is set or coded in a way that only shows the first couple of texts on the website, your SEO ranking will only depend on what those texts have. If your keywords are on the middle or the last part of the page, then search engines may not be able to read them.

Mistake #10 – Irrelevant backlinks

Search engines encourage websites to produce as many quality content as possible. Linking certain pages back to your website can help your SEO rankings. Know that using irrelevant backlinks is a mistake. These backlinks will only earn you penalties and even suspension from search engines, causing your ranking to suffer.

Your website is one of your company’s best marketing tools in attracting your target market. Make sure that you do not commit the 10 SEO mistakes in the design of your website. This way, your website fulfils its purpose and does not hurt your brand instead.

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