Boost Your Page Load Time

Everybody has less and less time today for surfing, chatting, spending time on social media or whatever they like to do on the internet. Slow loading speeds disappeared a long time ago and we don’t want to see blogs and web pages taking too much out of our already limited time. You can find many tools on the internet to help you improve your web pages’ loading speed and I took a look at many of them, so I am able to recommend you the following ones, which mainly work by eliminating the poorly written code.

7 Ways to Boost Your Page Load Time Using CSS and JavaScript

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1000+ Free Textures

Everything around us has a texture – the smooth keys of a keyboard, the soft cotton of a t-shirt, the bumpy surface of leather on an office chair. In design, it’s important to include texture in a work to make it look more realistic.
For painters or even print design, this can be done in the physical with the use of different brush strokes or certain paper and ink; however, it is usually necessary for graphic designers to synthesise these textures to get a similar effect.
Many artists choose to use photographs or pre-made textures in their designs. Below are several texture resources with hundreds of free textures for your use. Enjoy!

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6 CSS3 Generators

Here is a list of websites you can use to generate your CSS when using the new CSS3 features. If you forget to additional browser specific CSS then remember to use one of these CSS Generators to create your CSS.

6 Of Best CSS3 Generators | Web Development Tutorials

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25 Secret iOS 5 Features You Need To Know About

I went through this article and found out a few things I did not know about iOS 5 So I am glad I read this and discovered some of the functions available in iOS 5, have a read and see if you pick up any tips.

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25 Secret iOS 5 Features You Need To Know About


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25 Secret iOS 5 Features You Need To Know About
Including a way to enable a split keyboard on iPad, alternate routes in Google Maps, and even customizable alert vibrations.

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Share a Coke Campaign

I have recently finished working on a Coke a Cola web site with Wunderman advertising agency on the ‘Share a Coke’ Campaign. This involved a Facebook set of pages, a site to allow you to create your own Television Campaign and an iPhone and Android app.

Do you know a Matt, a Chelsea, a Kevin, a Ben or an Aaron? Now you can share a real Coke with their name on it! Coke bottles with 150 different names on them are now on sale everywhere.

Check it out at

How to edit the hosts file in Mac OS X Leopard

There are several ways to edit the hosts file and this is the way I think is the easiest for the not so technical user.

Step One
Launch a new Finder window by clicking its icon in the dock. Read more

Coastal Skydivers

Costal SkydiversAlthough I have designed the Coastal Skydivers Website some time ago, I went and tweaked a few items and changed the layout a bit here and a bit there and the look has improved greatly.

The other thing was to improve the SEO of the site and add in some much needed updating and images resulting in a much nicer presentation.

As always with our SEO, it comes up number 1 on Google for ‘Skydiving Port Macquarie’ and number 2 for the term ‘skydiving the north coast’

Talulah Bar Website

Talulah BarTalulah Bar in Newcastle is a nice place to have lunch or dinner and now you can check out ‘what’s on’ by viewing their new website.


Tips about website design


Tips about website design, website production and search engine optimisation and online marketing with a bit of social media throw in for good measure.

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Flash is Dead, Long Live SEO

adobe flash is deadFlash is dead, well, not quite but with HTML5 on the rise and SEO being so important, Adobe Flash is destined to slowly disappear from our screens over the next few years.

Why is Flash going to disappear?

It’s simple, search engine optimization has become so important in the struggle for first page placement on the search engines that to ignore an opportunity to optimize your site to it’s fullest while those around you do so is a death call for your business.

Flash V HTML5

Put simply, Google can not read flash, it just ignores it, where with HTML5 you can do lots of cool stuff that flash does and the search engine can read’s a bit of a no brainer if you ask me.

I am currently working on an international car manufacturers website converting it from it’s ‘way cool’ Flash animations to HTML5. This conversion is not a cheap exercise, the site looks as slick as can be, so why would they spend a shit load of money to convert the website.

The answer is as simple as three letters, SEO.

We are also doing a few other tweaks, all SEO related because getting to number one on the search engines is the goal, it’s brand awareness, brand placement and sales.

It’s going to take a while for flash to disappear from the majority of sites unless Adobe pull a rabbit out of their hat which I can’t see happening.

Seven Mile Restaurant Website

Seven Mile Restaurant

The Mission

To build a website to complement the restaurant and upgrade and expand the online brand.

The Outcome

I’ve just finished the ‘Seven Mile Restaurant‘ website, their Facebook page and their Twitter page and they all look great (even if I do say myself…)

The Seven Mile Restaurant is located at Lennox Head on the north coast of NSW.

The Websites

Seven Mile Restaurant

Facebook page

Twitter page

The Brand

The owners where great to work with, Lisa outlined what she was after and we went through the process to achieve a great look that goes well with their restaurant. The Facebook page and the Twitter page also complement the look of the site and a continuity has been achieved between the 3 sites to establish the brand that is Seven Mile Restaurant