How to edit the hosts file in Mac OS X Leopard

There are several ways to edit the hosts file and this is the way I think is the easiest for the not so technical user.

Step One
Launch a new Finder window by clicking its icon in the dock. Read more

Coastal Skydivers

Costal SkydiversAlthough I have designed the Coastal Skydivers Website some time ago, I went and tweaked a few items and changed the layout a bit here and a bit there and the look has improved greatly.

The other thing was to improve the SEO of the site and add in some much needed updating and images resulting in a much nicer presentation.

As always with our SEO, it comes up number 1 on Google for ‘Skydiving Port Macquarie’ and number 2 for the term ‘skydiving the north coast’

Talulah Bar Website

Talulah BarTalulah Bar in Newcastle is a nice place to have lunch or dinner and now you can check out ‘what’s on’ by viewing their new website.