Facebook Matches the Meteoric Rise of Internet Giants Google and Yahoo

facebookSocial networking giant, Google, hit $2 billion in annual revenues in a shorter time than Yahoo!, and at a pace only slightly slower than Google posted in its giddy ascent from a garage-based startup to crown jewel of the Internet. BusinessWeek reports that Facebook is well on track to match truly ‘Googlesque’ numbers.

Facebook is a privately held company and as such is not required to disclose financial data, yet BusinessWeek reports that revenues for Faceboook will hit $2 billion in 2010, up from a previous forecast of roughly $1.5 billion revenues earlier this year. With its founder, Mark Zuckenberg, being named Time magazine’s “Man of the Year,” this is truly the year that Facebook, and social media in general, came into its own, a trend that big business has noted.

“The love affair of consumers with social networks is an abiding one,” Karsten Weide, an analyst at IDC, told BusinessWeek. “All the big brands are there.”

“Facebook’s more than half a billion users,” BusinessWeek notes, “have made it an attractive target for [deep-pocketed] advertisers, including Coca-Cola Co., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Adidas AG.”

Facebook surpassed Yahoo! Inc. in terms of the number of global users in October, BusinessWeek reports, replacing it in the “Big Three” of Internet destinations behind only Google and Microsoft, according to user statistics recently released by ComScore Inc., a research firm based in Reston, Virginia.

The much bandied-about statistic, however, is that Facebook’s 500,000-odd members “post a billion pieces of content, such as photos and messages every day,” a figure Time notes in its cover page article about Mr. Zuckenberg. The sheer volume of users and the content they produce acts as a very powerful magnet for advertisers, large and small.

Its two billion dollars (and rising) of annual revenue is also reportedly drawing the attention of investors. “The company has a valuation of $43.1 billion,” BusinessWeek reports, citing numbers from SharesPost Inc., an exchange for privately held stocks. “That’s up more than 60 percent from three months ago,” they report, “and almost quadruple the level in March.”

At that price, and with that pace of revenue growth, it is difficult to say what (if any) company can realistically eye Facebook as a potential merger or acquisition target. Google, of course, has $33 billion sitting in cash reserves, but any Google/Facebook coupling would kick up an even bigger regulatory dust storm than raised by Microsoft in its epic anti-trust battles with federal regulators and prosecutors during the 1990’s.

What’s next, then, for Facebook and its social networking wunder-kind CEO? Only time will tell . . . and 2011 is likely to be that time.

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Organising Your Link Building Campaign

When it comes to running and scaling up a successful link building campaign, you will be surprised on how much of your work will be spent on organising, and how little of your work will be spent on the actual link building.

Keeping track of the status online relationships is a major work load, and communicating with them is another major work load. When you are running a business, you realise that the system you have set up to provide your services or product on the small scale, will not always work on the large scale. When you are scaling up you have to change the way you do things, and it is the same with link building.

Formulate a Plan

If you own a web site than you have probably dabbled a little bit in the link building world. Whether you are submitting to directories, link exchanging, guest posting, or one of the many other forms of link building, you have realised that link building is all about having relationships with other web sites.

When you are formulating your link building plan, make sure you map out how many links you want for your web site, including all of the inner pages. Also make sure you figure out how you want to disperse these links in regards to the type of links that you are going to require. Avoid using “spam” techniques like flooding blogs with pointless comments or signing up for endless amounts of forums.
These techniques rarely work and you may end up getting in trouble rather than helping your web site. Also, avoid bad web sites, or blogs that look like they have terrible quality in their content and their only purpose for existence is to sell links.

Formulate a System

There is an infinite amount of ways you will be able to create your link building system. You will need two or three different Internet tools – the third depending on whether you are going to do the campaigning by yourself or if you are planning on hiring people to help out, like writers or data entry positions.

You will need to create a separate email for emailing. A lot of your work will be done through communicating with other sites, so it would be wise to create different labels or folders in your email so that you can tag every single response you get letting you know what the appropriate action response is. This should usually sync up with your link management software, which is the other thing you will need for sure. Link management software allows you to record the relationship status that you have with other web sites and it also records many other things like page rank, contact information, social media information, over all rating, and much more and stores it in a database. Your emailing folders should sync up with your link management software, and you should easily be able to go back and forth between the two without getting lost every five minutes.

The third thing you may or may not need would be an internal collaborating system. An internal collaborating system will allow you to assign tasks, set milestones, and create databases as well as many other things. A good internal collaborating system will also have a forum and will allow you to set up projects and create work-spaces. This is perfect for hiring people that work at home because now the collaborating part of work can be automated since everyone can communicate and work together on tasks in one central location on the Internet.

These three things will allow you to execute your plan without wasting time. The enormous amount of time you save will allow you to scale things to a level you haven’t seen before, and if you are in the SEO industry, it will also allow you to better provide SEO services for other companies. Just like many other things in life, link building is all about organising and keeping track. Internet tools help you to do so.

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