Holiday Time

The Origin

holidayThis may not be true but I like it anyway. I recently found out where the word ‘holiday’ originated from and it’s an interesting story. Oddly enough Wikipedia dose not have this version on their site, so here it is.

Back in America’s wild west there was a guy called ‘Doc Holiday’ who would turn up at his local saloon each night, get drunk and eventually pick a fight and shoot someone.

Basically he was a drunken ass hole that was good with a gun.

So every night Doc would turn up, get a skin full and shoot someone, simple. You would think the patronage would have thinned out or the place would have gone broke or that people would have avoided the place. Who knows.

One day or should I say night, the Doc did not turn up, in fact, he did not turn up for two weeks.

At the end of the two weeks, things went back to normal, Doc Holiday returned and continued his nightly drinking and continued shooting at least one person per night.

Soon others in the town would take off for a break or to do business out of town and say that they where doing a ‘Doc Holiday’ and would be back in a few weeks.

This was eventually shortened to just ‘I am going on a Holiday’ or ‘it’s holiday time’ or something along that line.


It’s that time of year again for me where I get to go on my holiday, I am not going to shoot anyone but I am off to Bali. I will be back in early September and start writing again.

How To Setup WordPress Correctly

Security on the web is paramount, forget to set the correct permissions and your hacked. WordPress is just as susceptible as any other web based application and as the source code is publicly available the chances are doubled for an attack on your site so you need to do it right first time

I have put together a few tips to help you with the WordPress setup so you do it correctly and avoid the pain of having to make changes further down the track.

1. Installation

The installation of WordPress is just to easy and most people will miss one of the most important security features when setting up the installation.

The standard prefix for the database tables is ‘wp_’. What you need to do is to change it to something different so it can not be guessed and ultimately hacked.

For example instead of ‘wp_’ use something like ‘eCcJ3q7u_’ using upper and lower case letters as well as numbers to make your database prefix extremely difficult to guess.

If you have already installed WordPress with the standard ‘wp_’ prefix you can still change the prefix but be prepared for a lot of work behind the scene.

2. Permission Settings

Once installed you need to FTP into your site and make sure the permissions are set correctly. A great plug in to check you folder permissions is wp security.

Your folder permissions should be set at 755.

3. htaccess

A good start to stopping unwanted guests is to add a .htaccess file to your folders.

WordPress does not put in a .htaccess file in the admin folder so you will need to copy the one from the wp-content folder.

Be careful when doing this as you could block yourself out of the control panel so after adding the file see if you can access the administration of your site, if you are having issues you may need to look at that the setting for the .htaccess are and even Google for information about it.

4. Blog

Now that you have logged in to the admin it’s time to decide whether your site is going to be a blog or a CMS.
If your site is to be a blog you don’t need to make any changes to the default landing pages.

5. CMS

If you are going to use WordPress as a website or a Content Management System (CMS) you need to make a few changes to start.

Go to ‘Pages’ in the left side navigation and create the following pages: ‘Home’ and ‘Blog’.

With that done go to the ‘Settings’ in the left side navigation and expand it. Click on ‘Reading’ and you will see ‘Front page displays’, with two (2) radio buttons

  • Your latest posts
  • A static page

Choose the second one – ‘A static page’

Now you need to set your front page from the drop down menu called “Front page”. Choose the page you just created called ‘home’

the other drop down is “Posts page”, this is to select the page you want to be your blog page, lets use the page called ‘blog’.

save the settings

That’s about it as far as setting up WordPress goes.

Odd Twitterers

odd twitterWhat or who should I say who is the weirdest twitterer that you follow or just know about? I have a good one … different to say the least.

Out There

I did start this by saying ‘what’ in reference to the weirdest of twitterers and I think that this is the ants pants of them all because @AstroRobonaut (they call it R2) is a man made robot that is tweeting from the space station.